Water Pennywort

Scientific name: Cenetella asiatica (Linn) urban

Family: Umbelliferae

Vernacular Name: Ghodtaapre


A prostrate herb stem bears root on their nodes. Leaves simple, orbicular-reniform, broad kidney sharped-2 cm in diameter. The Sanskrit name Mandukaparni refers to the leaves of the plant that resemble the claw of frog. Flowers minute, pinkish red in umbel,3-6 in cluster.

Flowering and fruiting: June-July

Parts used: Whole plant

Uses: The leaves are useful remedy for syphilis, leprosy and skin diseases. The leaf powder is given with milk in small doses in mental weakness to improve memory. It is also used as blood purifier, diuretic, and insecticide. Leaf stalk is used in toothache. It is given in indigestion and nervousness.

Chemical constitutions

Plants gives amino-acids, aspartic acid, glycine, glutamic acid, a-alanine and phenyalanine ,B sitosteral ,palmitic acid and stearic acid.

Distribution in Nepal: 100 - 1800 m, east to west