Toothache Tree

Scientific Name: Zanthoxylum armatum DC

Family: Rutaceae

Vernacular Name: Timur


A prilkly shrub or small tree up to 6m tall growing on shrubberies. Leaves pinnate, leaflets 5-11 lancelate, more or less serrate, each serrature with a pellucid gland, dark, glossy, terminal one larger than laterals. Flowers small, yellow in terminal or acillarypanilcles. Fruits globose, wrinkled reddish when ripe, aromatic. Seeds globose, shining black.

Flowering and Fruiting: April-May

Uses: Seeds and bark are used in tonic in fever, dyspepsia and cholera. Fruits are used in toothache and considered as carminative and stomachic. Fruits, branches and thrones are used as fish poison.

Chemical constituents

Dried seeds afford an essential oil containing lemonene, linalool and methyl cinnamate as major components.

Distribution in Nepal: 1500 - 2400 m, east to west