Scientific Name: Bergenia ciliata (Haw.) Sternb

Family: Saxifragaceae

Vernacular Name: Pashanbhed


A perennial rhizomatous creeping herb on rocksledges with stout rootstock, Leaves simple , large with ovate or rounded lade, 5-15 cm long but enlarging up to 30cm or more, turning bright red in autumn fringed with long bristle like hairs, leaf stock short. Flowers, white pinkish, or purple in spreading or dense clusters borne on a stout leafless stem. Friuts caplsule, 2mm long. The root is bitter and acrid.

Flowering and Fruiting: March-April

Part Used: Root Stock

Uses: The Root is cooling and useful in piles, tumors, urinary discharges, heart diseases, diseases of bladder and lungs. It is also used ad tonic in fever, diarrhea cough and dysentery.

Chemical Constituents

It contains bergenin, afzelechin, saxin, catechin -3gallate.Rhizoma are reported to contain bergenin and its glycosides. Leucocyanidin is also reported.

Distribution in Nepal: 1000 - 3200 m, east to west