Morel Mushroom

Botanical name: Morchella esculenta (Linn.) Pers.

Family: Morchellaceae


A fungus with white, thick, erect, tapering stalk bearing rounded or conical pileus. Cap light yellowish brown, 6-12 cm high, obtusely ovoid; pits largs, ridges sinous, stipe 6-12 cm high, almost smooth, terete or faintly grooved above, sometime pitted grooved below, minutely scurfy, yellowish, browning with age.

Flowering and fruiting: Appear during May-June

Part used: Whole thallus

Uses: The decoction or soup is taken during or after fever; paste is applied externally on wound and boils. In Jumla the fruit body of morels is used to heel the cuts, ulcers and colitis. It is also used in fever as light food drink. It is also taken as a nutritious vegetable.

Chemical constituents

Protein, amino acid, carotene, aromatic compounds and steroidal are reported from this plant.

Distribution in Nepal: 3000-4000 m, east to west.