Scientific Name: Rubia manjith Roxb.ex Fleming
Rubia cordifolia auct..non Linn.

Family: Rubiaceae

Vernacular Name: Majitho


A very variable prickly or scabrous climbing perennial herb, 4 angled stem. Leaves simple unequal, in whorls of 4, long stalked, ovate heart shaped, 5-10 cm long pointed, hooked prickles on the veins beneath. Flowers in small clusters aggregated together into a large branched cluster with small leafy bracts. Fruits globular, black.

Flowering and Fruiting: June-Nov.

Part Used: Root/Stem

Uses: Root is tonic, alternative and astingment. Stem is used in cobra bite and scorpion sting. Roots and Fruits are used in paralysis, ulcers and skin diseases. The dye extracted from the plant is used in dyeing wool.

Chemical constituents

Roots contain purpurin, xanthopurpurin, mujistin, free alizarin and its glucosides.

Distribution in Nepal: 1200 - 2700 m, east to central