Cinnamomum Leaves And Bark

Scientific Name: Cinnamomum tamala (Buch.-Ham.)
Nees & Eberm

Family: Lauraceae

Vernacular Name: Tejpat


A medium sized evergreen tree about 8 meter tall. Leaves simple, short stalked, leathery, ovate-lanceolate, long pointed 10- 15 cm long with 3 conspicuous nearly parallel veins arising from near the base, bright pink when young in spring, aromatic when crushed. Flowers pale yellow, in terminal and axillary-branched clusters. Fruits ovoid drupe, black, succulent.

Flowering and Fruiting: March-April

Parts used: Leaves and bark.

Uses: Leaves are carminative. Bark is useful in diarrhea, flatulence, and nausea. Leaves and bark are used in spices.

Distribution in Nepal: 450 - 2000 m, east to west